Wednesday night worship highlights joy in adversity – NRB


On Wednesday evening, March 9, NRB conference attendees stopped for an evening worship service with Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas.

Recording artists Stephen McWhirter and Jason Clayborn opened the evening of praise and worship with songs that reaffirmed our belief in God and his presence in difficult times.

Troy A. Miller, CEO of NRB, introduced Dr. Jeffress, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas as well as Jeffress’ Pathway to Victory show. Dr. Jeffress began his remarks in Acts 4, sharing how the early Christian church responded to healing and miracles. At that time, authorities were critical of Christians who gave credit and praise to Jesus, despite their imprisonment and persecution. He pointed out how the early church responded with praise to God regardless of the reaction of the government.

Dr. Jeffress pointed out the similarities we see in our culture today, especially how the name Jesus is controversial in many areas, just as it did for those in Acts 4. Just like Peter and Jean in the passage, Dr. Jeffress had the opportunity to speak. in places that came with the warning not to talk about Jesus. As he continues to preach in Jesus’ name, Jeffress shared, acceptance of the message has changed over the decades. He warned that broadcasters, communicators and those in other industries are susceptible to persecution when they speak in the name of Jesus.

Dr. Jeffress shared four main takeaways regarding the persecution.

  • Persecution is inevitable. Expect this.
  • The persecution is progressive. Understand it.
  • Persecution is painful. Endure it.
  • Persecution is profitable. Praise God for that.

He reminded the audience that the Bible does not say we should seek persecution, but we are admonished in James 1:2 to have joy when we endure persecution. Dr. Jeffress defined the difference between being happy and having joy, noting that even in the most difficult circumstances, joy cannot be taken away.

Following Dr. Jeffress’ message, Chosen Road, a Christian bluegrass band, continued with well-known hymns like “How Marvelous, How Wonderful” and “Nothing But the Blood” in their Southern bluegrass style. The themes of the evening weaved the message of the power of the name of Jesus with the reality of worldwide persecution and adversity. This continued with special recognition of those suffering and displaced by the war in Ukraine.

This event was presented by Evangelism Explosion, a ministry that trains Christians to share their faith in Christ and lead people from disbelief to belief.


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