Turkey “has nothing that contradicts the beliefs of the Taliban”


07/22/2021 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Turkish President Erdogan is seeking to expand the country’s level of influence and ideology yet again, this time turning his attention to Afghanistan. While the United States plans its withdrawal in September, Turkey is positioning itself as a key player in the country, notably by taking charge of the security of the Kabul airport. Despite the Taliban’s threats against Turkey not to implement its plan, Erdogan said: “Since the Taliban have had talks with the United States, they should hold these talks with Turkey much more comfortably. Because Turkey has nothing that contradicts their beliefs.

Erdogan, claiming to have no problem with the Islamic extremist group’s beliefs, commented in an interview in Northern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is one of many places in Turkey’s tumultuous past where the country invaded and cleansed the region of the local Christian population. Greek Christians, once in the majority, now rarely live in Northern Cyprus, as the Turks populated the area.

Turkey is also reportedly in the process of recruiting Syrian mercenaries for deployment to Afghanistan in order to minimize their own death toll and create some degree of separation between Turkey at home and Turkey’s actions on the ground. Erdogan has already used Syrian mercenaries in Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenian: Artsakh) with Azerbaijan and Libya. A first round of 2,000 Syrian mercenaries is said to be being finalized within the framework of talks with Syrian factions supported by Turkey.

The Turkish Interior Minister recently visited Afrin, Syria, a location known to Turkish-funded extremists with ties to major terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. Mercenaries employed for the Nagorno-Karabakh war were recruited from this region and the city has become a symbol of the Turkish genocide and violations of religious freedom. Turkey’s cultivation of mercenaries and ideologies originating in that region and its intention to export them to Afghanistan raises serious concerns for human rights and religious freedoms. It validates local ideology in Afrin, further contributing to local religious freedom violations and genocide while exporting it overseas to a country already riddled with extremist problems. Afghan Christians, already frightened by their fate with the US withdrawal, could once again be faced with a new, emboldened extremist ideology. As the Taliban have expanded their territory, an increasing number of refugees are fleeing Afghanistan to Turkey via Iran.

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