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The Platinum Jubilee celebration of Tuensang Village Baptist Church is underway in Tuensang Village from May 20. (Morung Photo)

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Tuensang | May 21

Tuensang Village Baptist Church is celebrating 75 years of Platinum Jubilee at Tuensang Village under the theme “Redemption from Darkness to Light” from May 20-22.

The speakers are Rev Achu Chang, Executive Secretary, CBLT, N Imlong Secretary C/M CBLT, Rev L Noksen Ngamen Women Secretary, CBLT, Rev H Sangkap, Pastor, TTBL and Rev Dr C Wongtochingmak, Pastor, Chang Baptist Church, Dimapur.

On 20th May, N Imlong, C/M Secretary, LCBC declared the jubilee celebration open and the Bharat Scouts and Guides Pipe Band, from Tuensang village led the opening ceremony with a musical performance. Cheming, pastor of Jujam Baptist Church, said the invocation was given as the welcoming address was delivered by Baluju, Deacon, Tuensang Sang Baptist Lashong. The songs were presented by Jubilee Choir and Yungkük Baptist Church.

A prayer in remembrance of deceased souls was led by Rev. T Mongba, Pastor, Tuensang Sang Baptist Lashong. Brief speeches were delivered by C Lepla, Former Women’s Leader and MK Yangbou, VCC Chongpho Khel. The message was delivered by Secretary N Imlong C/M, CBLT and Rev. W Kaimang, Pastor, Sangsangnyu Baptist Lashong delivered the blessing prayer.

Previously, the service was chaired by Imlong Zanchu and K Yakchingsonla.

On May 21, Jubilee Monolith was inaugurated by Rev. Achu Chang, Executive Secretary, LCBC with C Tochi, President, Tuensang Sang Staff Thangjam leading the program and B Ako, Deacon with Prayer.

Later in the service, K Kushemyemjong and N Sometnaro led the program while Beshang, pastor of Chingmei Baptist Church said the invocation. Souvenirs and certificates were autographed by Reverend Achu Chang while short speeches were delivered by Reverend Chongshen, Pastor, Khudei Baptist Lashong and OT Chingmak, Principal Secretary of the Government of Nagaland.

The Jubilee Choir and the Tuensang City Pastors Union performed songs while the sermon was delivered by Reverend Achu, Executive Secretary of LCBC. Dr. Y Alen, Pastor, Noksen Sang Baptist Lashong delivered the blessing.


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