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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) — Greg Cagle’s indelible spirit and love for Jesus will be his legacy. As those who knew him mourn his passing this week, they are also celebrating a glorious return for this mighty servant.

Cagle died Monday after a nearly year-long battle with brain cancer, leaving behind a loving family, a family of friends from Crestwood Baptist Church and thousands of other lives he touched. through a life committed to Christ.

Cagle has served as worship pastor in Crestwood for the past twelve years.

Barry Jeffries, the senior pastor of Crestwood Baptist Church, called him “a force of nature, a gift from God.”

Greg Cagle’s son Paxton posted this photo of his father on social media on Monday. Greg Cagle was a beloved worship pastor at Crestwood Baptist Church.

“We are deeply saddened but worship with joy,” Jeffries said. “Our hearts are broken, but we are delighted to have Greg back. He was diagnosed with brain cancer last December – it’s a terrible thing. Greg had a vitality about him that was unmatched. I loved him deeply and can’t wait to see him again.

Tributes began pouring in on Social Monday following Cagle’s passing. His impact was considerable and his talent unmatched. A video of his testimony was equally powerful.

John Lucas, senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Pikeville, considered him a mentor. Cagle served as the worship pastor at FBC Pikeville for 10½ years, including briefly with Lucas until the Lord moved him to Crestwood. He remains revered in Pikeville, Lucas said.

“Everyone here is mourning their loss,” the pastor said. “Everyone in the community knew him and his children spent their entire childhood here. Even though he went to Crestwood for 12 years, people still remember him. I have news from the community.

Lucas wrote on a Facebook post how much Cagle meant to him not only as a friend but also as a mentor. When Cagle started at FBC Pikeville in 1998, Lucas was a senior in high school.

“It was a difficult ministerial posting, to say the least. Yet Greg stayed and loved the church because he knew he was called to this place,” Lucas said. “By the grace of God, I was in a school at a work class which allowed us to observe leaders in their workplace. As a young man called to ministry, I followed FBC and worked with Bro. Greg. He became a mentor for me and allowed me to follow him for a few hours a week. He carefully and gracefully answered my ridiculous questions and helped prepare me for the ministry…although neither knew it would be in the same church in different seasons. “

Lucas was recalled to FBC Pikeville in 2009 and considered it an honor to be on staff with Cagle, who left a few months later for Crestwood.

So many others shared testimonies of Cagle’s grace and how he lived a life that mattered to God.

Steve Rice, church consultant and revitalization manager for the KBC and member of Crestwood, knew Cagle well.

“I have known Brother Greg since my first days in the ministry. He served in a revival at FBC Belfry when I pastored there in the 90s and is still talked about today. He was one of the most talented and anointed men I have ever known,” Rice said. “He had a presence around him. I know he was trained in stage presence, but it was more than that. It was the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He could stand still behind a microphone on a stand and move an entire congregation with the emotion in his voice.

Rice is a suffering member of the Crestwood Baptist Church family.

“What a blessing it has been for Mrs. Rice and I to be led in worship by Brother Greg at our church at Crestwood Baptist,” he said. “He will be greatly missed until we meet again.”

Even in the face of his health journey with the brain tumor, Cagle never blinked. He continued to praise the Lord through it all, Lucas said.

“Greg was joyful every step of the way, like it was an honor to suffer for Jesus,” he said. “He never saw it as a difficult situation or anything unfair. He sincerely believed that he was in the perfect will of God.

Cagle was a natural with people and a man of immeasurable talent. He was an off-broadway performer and could turn a hospital room into an altar with his captivating voice.

“He had unparalleled professional training,” Lucas said. “He would go into a hospital room and sing for people and it would draw people in from all over. He could also preach.

Whatever Cagle did, he did for God, said those who knew him.

“To me personally, he was my friend and my big brother,” said Jason “Bubba” Stewart, worship music consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention. “He loved the Lord with all his heart and led others to do the same using their God-given gifts and talents. Oh, if this world just had 10 more Greg Cagles, it would be more Christlike and heaven would be filled.

Lucas said Cagle set us all an example

“I have never met a better example than Greg of what it means to walk as close to Jesus as possible. My prayer today is to love Jesus and walk with Him as Greg demonstrated. I pray to love church and commit to it, even if it has its flaws…because we have flaws,” Lucas wrote on Facebook. “Greg is the perfect example of why sticking with the local church is worth it. the penalty. May God bless his family and use his testimony for the glory of Christ until we who believe, with Greg, see JESUS ​​face to face. Soli Deo Gloria.


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