The Nepalese Evangelical Church expands in Saint-Louis


ST. LOUIS- The world is the neighborhood of Bayless Baptist Church. In fact, this world is in the building with the Nepalese Gospel Church which uses the facilities on Saturdays for their worship.

“This partnership was an unexpected answer to prayer,” said Evan Skelton, Senior Pastor of Bayless. “This partnership is a good image of the diversity of our neighborhood. Many members of the Nepalese church congregation are able to walk to attend services.

Bayless has undergone replanting in recent years. “We’re still working on it,” Skelton continued, “but here we have a new spirit of love, unity and encouragement.”

Nepali Gospel Church pastor Joshua Prem and Missions pastor Tara Rai said that spirit drew them to Bayless. “We met the pastor at Bayless,” Rai said, “and we had a good relationship. We worked on it, so we can worship at Bayless.

Prem described the founding of the Nepalese church: “We started with 7 families, about 40 people in September 2017,” he said. “We prayed and started reaching out to families in Nepal and grew to about 100. There are over 3,000 Nepalese here in St. Louis.”

“Due to the culture,” he continued, “we may just show up at our Hindu and Buddhist friends’ doorsteps to invite them to events. We also share with them that we are available to help them adapt to the new culture and language.We offer communication assistance.If they want help communicating with a school, hospital or other office, we can help them translate. »

Rai pointed out that before Covid they offered classes to help neighbors learn to read and write. “Now Pastor Joshua teaches a music class on Fridays,” he said.

According to Prem, the congregation is planning events that will attract their “Hindu and Buddhist friends so that they can hear the gospel.”

The recent Christmas event drew a crowd according to Skelton. ““The church asked junior and senior high school students to present a creative Christian performance,” he said. “They had food and the gospel featured in a Nepali video drama.”

“We always try to include testimonials,” Prem said, “and food. We brought food to families who needed it at Christmas.

The next big event will be in April. “Nepal has its own calendar,” Prem said, “and they celebrate New Year in April. We will invite several of our Hindu and Buddhist friends to lunch and ask them to celebrate the New Year with us.

In addition to Bayless, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and the Canaan Baptist Church also support the Nepali Gospel Church.

“When we first learned about the Evangelical Church of Nepal,” said Martin Winslow, Canaan Missions pastor, “I looked at all beliefs to make sure they aligned with our belief. evangelical. I didn’t see any difference. »

“The Nepalese church is a member of the Missouri Baptist Convention,” Winslow said, “and NAMB has appointed Joshua as a church planter. We want to support them because many of their members come from abroad and have to take all the jobs they can get.

“Our goal is the same,” he continued, “to share the gospel message with everyone.”


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