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In March 2020, the coronavirus changed the world with its ability to sweep through any barrier across the earth.

Who can ever forget the funeral pyres burning night and day in India?

Long queues of hearses outside morgues, dead lying in the streets or hastily dug mass graves, mortuaries running out of space and crematoria barely coping with the large number of those who need their services.

No more subtleties and rituals of death, a moment or two should be enough to take leave of the loved one.

Television stations broadcast horror stories day and night, and the cries of those mourning their dead were universally heard. No country has been spared.

The vaccine was born and the great debate over whether or not to prick divided families.

However, on a recent Sunday evening, Margate Baptist Church held an evening of fellowship and worship to celebrate the long-awaited ‘no mask’ policy.

The church had kept services outdoors under trees in the park throughout the pandemic.

When the ban was partially lifted, Pastor Chris Anderson began to hold indoor services, being extremely careful to adhere to the assigned “50 people” policy, and provided all necessary protocols to ensure that attendees were disinfected, temperatures were taken and masks were worn by all before entering the church.

Recently, the government announced the long-awaited ‘all clear’ on compulsory mask-wearing and on Sunday July 17, more than two years later, the congregation at Margate Baptist Church celebrated this life-changing decree with an evening of singing. and a friendship like no other.

The choirs (which had been somewhat muted behind the masks) were sung with enthusiasm and the atmosphere was charged with thanks and praise.

Some were mourning those who were lost, others were just overwhelmed with joy to have been sick but survived the virus, others were grateful to have ‘dodged’ the bullet.

But, it was a church on fire and as the congregation closed the evening with light refreshments, I have no doubt that heaven was a guest of honor.



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