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Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren speaks at the closing gala of Proclaim 19, the NRB International Christian Media Convention in Anaheim, California |

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Al Mohler says California-based Rick Warren’s church is in “direct violation” of denominational teaching for ordaining three female pastors and calls on the denomination to reaffirm its teaching .

“Last week, the Saddleback Community Church in California ordained three women pastors. In a development described by the church as “historic,” the church posted a photo of the ordinations with the text: “Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren and others pray for the first three women as the church ordained as pastors, “Mohler wrote in a editorial published Monday on its website.

Al Mohler
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler Jr. delivers a chapel address at Southern Seminary on October 15, 2019. |

Quoting a Have a good live interview Along with Cynthia Petty, one of the women ordained to pastor by the largest church in the denomination, Mohler said there was “no doubt” that the women had been promoted to a position traditionally reserved for men.

“There is no doubt that these three women are considered pastors and in the teaching office. Southern Baptists are clear, across the Baptist Faith and Message, that this is against the Scriptures, ”said Mohler.

“It is no longer a point of tension and debate. These movements represent an attempt to redefine and reformulate the conviction foundation of the Southern Baptist faith and cooperative ministry. Theological questions have not changed since 2000, when Southern Baptists spoke clearly and precisely in the Baptist faith and message. Most importantly, the Holy Scriptures have not changed and cannot change.

Saddleback Church
Saddleback Church ordains its first three female pastors: Liz Puffer, Cynthia Petty and Katie Edwards, Thursday, May 6, 2021. This even though their denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, restricts pastoring to men. |

Mohler, who aims to become the next president of the SBC, argued that an increasing number of SBC churches like Saddleback have promoted women as preachers or pastors. He said the denomination needs to clarify the standards of denominational cooperation for all affiliated churches.

“In an increasing number of cases it is now clear that some churches, including fairly large and well-known churches, are placing women in the office of pastor in direct violation of our confession of faith. In addition, a number of churches that are at least listed as Southern Baptist have hosted and announced women preaching in the morning service, ”he said.

“The Southern Baptist Convention should not be fuzzy about our theological beliefs and the basis for our cooperation. We cannot afford to be. Attempts to deny the problem will not work. Right now, the Southern Baptists will decide whether we will redefine the doctrine of the Southern Baptist Convention. I don’t believe the Southern Baptists will allow that to happen. I don’t believe the Southern Baptists will back down from the truth.

The Christian Post contacted Monday to find out if Saddleback plans to stay in the SBC. However, a response was not immediately received.

Mohler noted in his editorial that the pressure to ordain women preachers is not new. He said the issue had rocked the SBC since the 1970s until the conservative resurgence of the convention “conclusively clarified the issue.”

“There was never a time when more than a handful of women served as pastors of SBC churches, but major Protestant denominations were rushing headlong into the ordination of women as pastors and priests (episcopals). , driven by two major energies – first, the demands of second wave feminism and, second, the impulses triggered by liberation theology, ”he argued.

“In both cases the main obstacle was the Bible, but, already compromised by theological liberalism, these denominations were deploying revisionist arguments to defuse any argument from Scripture. Biblical subversion strategies have also taken two basic forms. The argument has been made that either the Bible has been misinterpreted by Christians for almost 2,000 years, or the Bible is simply hopelessly mired in patriarchy and oppression and the biblical writers were completely wrong.

Mohler argues that denominations that adopted liberal theology brought about the “feminization of liberal Protestantism”, which to them was like the “kiss of death”.

“Frankly speaking, there aren’t many men left,” he added. “In fact, not many people are left in these churches. Liberal theology is the kiss of death for any church or denomination. All that’s left is social justice activism and deferred maintenance.

Jason Keith Allen, President of the Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary, called Saddleback’s ordinations a “disappointing” departure from the Scriptures.

“This is a disappointing departure from the clear teaching of the Scriptures, BF&M, and the SBC’s long-standing consensus and practice,” he said. tweeted Sunday. “I list the qualifications of Tim 3 and Titus 1, no suggestions. Hold fast to the Scriptures.

Pastor Dwight McKissic, who heads Cornerstone Baptist Church in Texas, argued on Twitter that the scriptures are not as clear on the subject as conservative pastors are saying.

“Rick Warren wrote Christendom’s best-selling book and graduated from SWBTS,” McKissic wrote in response to Allen’s tweet. “Billy Graham affirmed the women preachers. If the scriptures are “clear” as you say, then Ghrahm, Warren, and whoever let a woman preach in SWBTS wouldn’t have done it.

“My point is the SBC never, ever said Saddleback’s, Billy [Graham] or the pastor from Texas where Beth Moore preached yesterday, wrong. Therefore, it is technically false, therefore inaccurate on the part of Dr. Allen or anyone who claims that the SBC officially forbids a woman from preaching.



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