Ron DeSantis brings cancer-stricken wife to event hosted by cult leader known to cause superpropagators


Responding to criticism from the state and National Democrats over his apparent absence following the record number of cases in Florida, DeSantis – through his spokespersons – said at the time he was with his wife while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. .

A spokesperson for DeSantis said the governor accompanied his wife Casey for cancer treatment on December 29, the day several left-wing critics accused the governor of “disappearance.”

DeSantis announcement in October that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, telling Fox News at the time that as a “mother of three young children, Casey is the centerpiece of our family and has had an impact on life countless Floridians thanks to her initiatives as first lady. “

But later on Friday, the Tampa NBC affiliate WFLA revealed that DeSantis would be in attendance for the Orange Bowl that night, his first public appearance in two weeks. Prior to that night, he had only been seen in public twice in the second half of December: a press conference on December 17 and an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on December 19.

This was problematic in itself, given that as a cancer patient Casey DeSantis is at an especially high risk of breaking if she catches COVID. But what DeSantis did next is particularly incomprehensible. As it turned out, when DeSantis left Hard Rock Stadium, he and Casey headed to Lifted Church (formerly Miami Baptist Church), where Christian cult leader Sean Feucht was hosting one of his “Let Us Worship” events. “.

Watch a recap here, from Feucht:

During this event, Feucht presented DeSantis with a “Defender of Liberty” award for not joining the “tyrannical governors and rulers” who imposed mask warrants, assembly limits, residence orders on home, etc. in 2021. He also led the crowd in praying for Casey’s healing.

DeSantis, for his part, was delighted.


Uh, Ron? You don’t seem to care about putting your wife in danger by not only going to a soccer game but also going to a concert even though she has cancer and cannot form an appropriate immune response even though she is vaccinated. No man with any love for his wife would do that. If DeSantis doesn’t care about the safety of his own wife, is it any wonder he doesn’t care about the safety of the people in his state? His nickname “DeathSantis” is well deserved.

Arriving in a state with one of the worst COVID epidemics in the country, Feucht announced in block letters that he literally didn’t care if people got sick while attending any of his events. But then again, we already knew that. After all, Feucht had the brilliant idea of ​​hosting a “Let Us Worship” event near Nashville in the midst of a massive delta-fed wave in Tennessee, and after a previous event in Nashville himself was linked to over 250 cases of COVID.

Feucht is getting scraped on Twitter, but doesn’t seem to understand what it is.


Let me explain it nicely and slowly, Sean. You have arrived in a state that is crushed by a wave of COVID, having had a past history of not caring that your events lead to epidemics. And you don’t seem to care that a high profile member of the public is at extremely high risk of catching this virus, even if they are vaccinated. And you do not understand why you are criticized for it? Get out.

I wonder if Feucht and DeSantis are ashamed. But it has been amply established that these gentlemen – a term which, in their case, applies in its widest sense – do not.

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