Richey Baptist worship center heavily damaged by fire



By Baptist message Staff

DEVILLE, Louisiana (LBM) – A fire Saturday morning severely damaged the worship center at Richey Baptist Church.

The fire was discovered around 11 a.m., according to Pastor Grady Dodge. The Effie and Ruby-Kolin fire teams responded to the blaze. No one was inside the buildings at the time.

While most of the worship center was destroyed, Dodge said the steeple and a Bible near the entrance gates miraculously survived.

“The church is not the building but the people,” said Dodge. “Even after such a tragedy, we are even more on fire for Him. We are so proud of our community and will continue to be there for it.

Dodge said the church, which averages 150 for Sunday morning worship services, has insurance and plans to rebuild. The members hope to meet Sunday in its village hall, which has not suffered significant damage.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Dodge said he was grateful to the many fire departments and in particular the youth of the church who helped clean up the area after the fire was extinguished in the early afternoon.

“I want to warmly thank everyone who helped,” Dodge said. “Everyone was standing in prayer and we felt it very much. “



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