Obituaries: Tributes paid to ‘beloved’ Minister of Romsey Baptist Church, Jonathan Beer


Jonathan Francis Beer, born May 11, 1961 in Lyneham, Calne, Wiltshire, died at home May 10, 2022.

Kyria Richardson writes: “He had to move several times before coming to live in Romsey at the start of his second career in 2017.

“At first, as a farmer’s son, he moved with his family, attending Montgomery of Alamein, now Kings School in Winchester.

“From 1981 he was employed for many years by IBM at Hursley, traveling for work in Britain, but later as widely as Connecticut in the United States and Budapest in Hungary.

“Jonathan always made it very clear that for him there was no place like home, which meant that wherever he traveled he was always eager to get back to where his wife Rebecca and his boys lived, and later he adored the cottage in Corfe where he and Rebecca made their refuge from the pressures of work and life in the Manse.

“Family meant everything to him, and when he took over our church, Romsey Baptist Church in 2017, he regularly said ‘We are not just a church – We are a family’.

“From an early age, his faith in God was paramount. He always said that he gave his life to the Lord Jesus, his Savior, as a little boy, kneeling at his bedside and praying for God’s blessing on his life. As he accumulated life experiences and faced challenges, including his cancer diagnosis, he never wavered from this commitment.

“Whether in America or later in Southampton, Jonathan and Rebecca found churches where they could make a difference and get involved in home groups.

“It was no surprise that Jonathan reached the point where he felt called to embark on a second career and when he was asked to become an RBC minister, he ended his time at IBM and moved on. travels one day a week to Regents College for a degree in Theology.

“In the meantime, he was working a full week, preparing sermons, supporting those in need, whether due to illness, isolation or events such as weddings. Additionally, he was a very active member of the Churches Together in Romsey group.

“He was such a well-known and loved figure around Romsey and was an inspiration to many people.

“Each tribute paid to Jonathan at the wonderful service celebrating his life which took place at Romsey Abbey on Thursday 16th June highlighted his wonderful care for others in all areas of society, his inspiring exposition of the Bible and his love and service to God through Jesus Christ, whom he expected with certainty to meet.

“He is seen here with his wife, Rebecca, and James, Stephen and their adorable grandchildren who adored their ‘grandfathers’ remember him fondly. All played major roles in Loyalty’s fruitful and successful life, service and love from Jonathan.”


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