“Not Another Church Movie” in Savannah

Brandy Simpkins interviews Kevin Daniels (left)

A few of the scenes from one of the last films produced in Savannah will be set in the historic former Baptist Church of St. John, “The Mighty Fortress” located at 523 Hartridge St., but this is “Not Another Church Movie”.

Slated for a spring 2023 theatrical release, Kevin Daniels, Mickey Rourke, Vivica Fox, Lamorne Morris and fellow comedy legends Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy, Lamorne Morris and Kyla Pratt star in the comedy spoof Monty the Dog Productions “Not Another Church Film.

“Not Another Church Movie” is a wild ride through the fabulous world of Taylor Pherry (Daniels), an ambitious young man who has received a sacred mission from God himself: to tell the stories of his family and inspire his community. His only concern? His family and his community. What he doesn’t know is that the Devil (Rourke) has his own plans.

The film is co-directed by Johnny Mack, writer of the improv game show “Wild ‘N Out”, and James Michael Cummings, known for his role in “City on a Hill”.

According to lead actor Kevin Daniels, who plays the lead roles of Taylor Pherry (pronounced with a silent “P”) and Madude Hims, the film is a parody and homage to all Tyler Perry films in one.

“You meet Madude Hims who’s a very sassy little woman who wants to protect her family and will shoot you if you step out of line, and there’s Tyler Pherry, who’s an entrepreneur who finds out he’s a writer and he writes a story and we get “Not Another Church Movie,” Daniels explains.

Daniels shares that the film is a reflection of pop culture.

“That’s who we are today,” he says.

According to the co-director, this marks a new beginning for parody comedy.

“The parody comedy genre is making a comeback and ‘Not Another Church Movie’ is stepping up to lead the charge,” says Cummings.


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