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The trip from Texas to Kentucky for new Severns Valley pastor Matt Beasley has been a difficult one.

Not the spiritual journey to his new journey, which was clearly set, he said. But the literal journey has been quite the ride.

“Something happened every time we came out there,” he said during a trip to Kentucky last week. “Just trying to get there has been difficult.”

The week they came to Elizabethtown for a call, the first plane they boarded had a cracked windshield. The second plane could not cool down.

“It was 116 and was supposed to come to 89,” he said. “I never got there.”

They had to change planes and flew to Lexington, where Severns Valley staff offered to pick them up.

Then, on the long drive from Texas, he had trouble with his F150 – a dead battery – which got in his way.

“It was an opportunity to ride in a tow truck a bit,” he said.

But now he’s here and the new senior pastor of Severns Valley is charged, much like this new battery. Severns is also delighted to welcome Beasley, who served as senior pastor at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Texas for a dozen years.

“We are so thrilled with what the Lord has done in opening a door for us to come to Severns,” he said on the drive last week. “I felt like the search committee was saying they wanted someone to come in and really be a shepherd in the areas of leadership and lead them into the next phase of what the Lord would have them do. “

Severns has been without a pastor since January, when Curtis Woods resigned for health reasons after a short term. Woods replaced Bill Langley, who left in December 2019 for a position with the International Missionary Council after serving as senior pastor for 11 years. Of course, COVID arrived in March 2020.

“Severns is very senior pastor-centric,” Beasley said. “It’s a herd that really struggles to say where we’re going and how we’re going to get there? What the church has said, time and time again, and what the church staff has said is to guide us, lead us, and preach the Word of God to us. It resonated with my shepherding and preaching gifts.

Beasley, 43, had been Ridgecrest’s senior pastor since 2012 and helped them become a church for the community.

“We have become collaborators in the community,” he said. “We had a lot of people at church very involved in one way or another.”

He is excited about the opportunity in Hardin County, where growth is expected, in part due to the installation of the BlueOval SK electric vehicle battery plant in the Glendale area. He believes the opportunity to introduce the gospel to someone who may not have heard it could multiply.

“What a great opportunity to reach people who aren’t from there,” Beasley said.

Beasley was called to the pastorate while in college. Prior to coming to Ridgecrest, he and his wife, Valerie, served with the International Mission Board in Prague, working primarily among university students. Throughout their tenure as missionaries in Central Europe, he worked alongside others to plant a church.

Beasley is a supporter of the co-op program, understanding how it benefited him as a student at Southwestern and serving with IMB.

“CP is a great vehicle to continue to enable churches to thrive,” he said.

He graduated from Southwestern Theological Seminary in 2007 and has been married to Valerie for 18 years. They have three boys – Bryce, 13, Graham, 10 and Wyatt, 7. They rented a house in Elizabethtown with construction plans.

Beasley will officially begin Dec. 1 with his first sermon as senior pastor Dec. 4. He said the family would join him in mid-December to allow his boys to complete the school semester in Texas.

“It’s going to be wild,” he said. “It’s a different setup and I’m excited about it in some ways. God hasn’t given me clear insight into why He was calling me from Texas to Kentucky. He will provide us with the skills or the humility necessary to deal with failure Today was a good dose of humility.

Staff and lay people he met were enthusiastic, he said. “I am thrilled to partner with them and see how God can use our gifts together.”

Andy Botts, worship pastor in Severns Valley, said he looked forward to serving with Beasley.

“I am beyond thrilled to be working with Matt. I believe his commitment to preaching the Word of God, coupled with his approach to building authentic relationships throughout the community, will be a perfect launch pad for the next chapter of Severns Valley. .

Research team member Sarah Edwards spoke strongly with the church about Beasley’s character strengths.

“As phenomenal as Pastor Matt’s character and qualifications are, he will not be without flaws,” she said. “However, as a group of believers, we know that God does His best with the imperfect. Severns Valley, I might suggest that under the pressure of the last few years, the Potter Master has refined us all in order to mold us into a magnificent masterpiece for a time like this.

Edwards said that under the new pastor’s leadership, Severns Valley “has the opportunity to be a beacon of light in this community”.

Todd Gray, executive director-treasurer of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, welcomed Beasley to Severns Valley.

“We are thrilled to welcome Matt Beasley to Kentucky and encourage him in his ministry at Severns Valley Baptist Church,” Gray said. “From our text exchanges, it is evident that Pastor Matt is thrilled to get to work serving this great congregation.”


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