Mount Zion Baptist Church Hosts 2nd Annual Back-to-School Party


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — It was burgers, backpacks and balloons at Mount Zion Baptist Church tonight.

“This event is designed to get the kids ready for back to school, they have backpacks given out to them,” said Ronnie Ward, BGPD’s public information officer. “Inside these backpacks are a lot of school supplies. So I hope this helps families who are struggling financially, especially these days. »

Bowling Green police, along with other emergency services, teamed up with the church to help organize a back-to-school block party.

“It’s a truly incredible event. You can see there’s probably 450, 500 people here easily,” Ward said. “A lot of people are represented here with the fire department, the police department, the sheriff’s department, the state police.”

Church Reverend John Lee Jr. said the event was a way to serve the community collectively and collectively.

“We thought faith-based community law enforcement, we thought that would be a wonderful opportunity. But it grew from that, as you can see, so we love it,” Lee said.

Lee also wanted to use the event to allow the community to meet emergency service workers on a more intimate level.

“Unfortunately for law enforcement officials, a lot of times they see them, they’re on the wrong side of the law,” Lee said. “It gives people the opportunity to see that the people who serve as first responders, they are people, they are humans.”

An opportunity for which Ward said he was grateful.

“It’s really important for us to be with the community here, just to let them see us in regular clothes and serve them,” Ward said. “It makes a difference when they recognize that we are real people outside of the uniform.”

It’s only the second back-to-school block party, but Lee said it sure won’t be the last.

“We intend to bring it back bigger and better. You know, supply and demand as long as it continues to grow.

For everyone involved, it was about helping the community.

“It’s not about John Lee, it’s not about Mount Zion, it’s not about any denomination. It’s about Bowling Green, Warren County, to love one another others, to serve the community and expand the kingdom. That’s what it’s all about for us,” Lee said.

More information about Mount Zion Baptist Church can be found on their Facebook.

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