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RUSSELL, Ky. (KT) – Jim Wilcox has long understood the importance of gun safety, but it took the advice of two of his most trusted sources – his daughters – to realize it wasn’t was not the case for everyone.

This prompted Wilcox, who has unofficially taught gun safety for about 10 years, to obtain his instructor’s license from the USCCA about a year and a half ago to provide important training for those with guns. fire.

“It was my daughters who influenced me to do this,” he said of teaching a Kentucky certification course through Fearless Defense LLC. “Two of my daughters live in Nashville and they said a lot of women buy a handgun and don’t know what to do with it. They end up putting it in a drawer and it becomes dangerous due to lack of training.

Jim Wilcox, the pastor of First Baptist Church Russell, teaches gun safety to individuals and groups. It can also guide businesses to prepare for mass shooting threats and more.

Wilcox, a Kentucky Baptist who has led worship at Russell’s First Baptist Church for nearly 20 years, teaches CCW classes on Saturdays to individuals (men and women) and private groups of 1 to 5. He may also teach those who operate businesses, churches and schools about the security needs in their buildings and how to counter the threat of mass shooters.

“These mass shootings also influenced me,” he said. “This is another reason why I chose this business part-time. “

Wilcox said this will be a critical part of what he does with the company going forward. He is already certified and equipped to enter these institutions.

“It’s like fire extinguishers in the church,” he said. “You can say, ‘We’ve never had a fire in 50 years,’ but you want to be equipped and have people trained in case you have one. It’s the same with a mass shooter threat. Pastors think about it a lot because of the national news media and the events that trigger this response, but I don’t know how many react to it. The cost of preparation is time and money. You need to be prepared instead of facing the consequences and having a lot of regrets. “


Jim Wilcox’s certifications.

Wilcox led one of the state’s top church choirs for nearly two decades at FBC Russell and preparation and practice has been a cornerstone. He said gun safety takes the same kind of approach.

“My motto is to educate and teach people how to be safe and responsible gun owners,” he said. “It’s an ongoing process, no matter who you are. You must constantly review the safety rules for handling firearms, knowing how to be aware of the environment, have situational awareness and avoid situations where you need a firearm Classes are filled with that kind of information.

While anyone 21 or older in Kentucky is permitted by law to have a concealed weapon without a license, there are still reasons to receive a certificate, he said.

Wilcox lives where Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia meet, which makes it more important to have a permit from your state of residence.

Kentucky and West Virginia have amendments in their constitutions on cover-up, and Ohio is set to do the same. “But once you cross state borders, you had better have a permit in the state of your residence, otherwise it can be a problem for you,” he said. “So it’s always important to get your CCW.”

Each state has different laws, he said, and it’s important to know what they are before tackling them. Wilcox has held a Kentucky concealment license for 23 years, he said.

Wilcox Saturday classes last seven hours in the classroom, include a written test and an additional hour on the range. He also has a three hour class on Monday evenings.

He said 90 percent of his classes are occupied by women who are “very easy to coach and willing to admit that they don’t know everything. They want to be safe, and they are shy or unsure about their guns. In my training it is important that women feel comfortable and safe. I therefore balance both being patient in my instructions and being very strict on the safety rules.

In addition to the information provided on gun safety, he said the goal was to keep the students he trains to avoid having to shoot a gun.

“It’s easy to be in a criminal and civil court battle if you find yourself in a situation of self-defense,” he said. “These legalities are also something that is discussed during the course. My job is to train students to avoid having to use a firearm or, at the limit, to use it effectively.

Customer reviews of Fearless Defense LLC can be viewed by clicking here. Contact Wilcox at [email protected] or 606-923-8520 for more information.

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