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The Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Sexual Abuse Task Force has severed ties with Guidepost Solutions following the company’s social media post aligning with the LGBTQ+ movement.

In a statement posted June 6 on Twitter, Guidepost Solutions said, “We celebrate our collective progress towards equality for all and are proud to be an ally of our LGBTQ+ community.”

The KBC had worked with Guidepost Solutions to prepare a resource for Kentucky Baptist churches on sexual abuse prevention, response and care. On Tuesday, the sexual abuse task force decided to terminate the contract.

“In light of the recent message revealing Guidepost’s stance on LGBTQ+ causes, we as KBC’s Sexual Abuse Task Force have unanimously agreed that we must part ways with the business,” said task force chair Linda Cooper.

“I was extremely disappointed after learning of Guidepost Solutions’ positive affirmation of the LGBTQ+ movement,” said KBC Executive Director-Treasurer Todd Gray. “Our task force understood when we contracted with them that they were a secular organization. However, they came highly recommended to us and were one of the few organizations that could provide all the resources we would need. But their position on issues so important to Baptists in Kentucky has kept us from continuing with them.

“This decision was important to us, we believe Guidepost offered a holistic approach that could have been helpful to many, but we must not compromise on scriptural and belief areas,” said group member Tommy Tapscott. Laurel River Baptist Fellowship Strategist, Fellowship Mission Strategist (AMS ).

KBC President Harold Best agreed that the relationship with Guidepost Solutions could not continue given Kentucky Baptists’ biblical stance on sexuality and gender.

“Realizing that Guidepost’s priorities are not aligned with the values ​​of Kentucky Baptists, it was necessary and appropriate to sever our relationship with them,” Best said. “However, the work of KBC’s sexual abuse task force will continue with the same urgency.”

The working group has begun the process of finding a new service provider.

“We ask Baptists in Kentucky to be patient and prayerful as we secure another company to assist us in our work as we move forward,” Cooper said.

“We believe there is another company or agency that can do this for us without compromising our beliefs,” Tapscott added.

Gray said the task force’s goals remain the same.

“Our aim is to work with an outside organization to review our internal KBC documents and policies on sexual abuse; train our staff; develop resources to assist churches in the prevention, response and care of sexual abuse; and to provide training to Baptists in Kentucky in this area,” Gray said. “We are grateful for the support, encouragement and prayers we have received and continue to receive from Kentucky Baptists as we continue this important work.”

Best said he hopes the Guidepost controversy doesn’t deter the Southern Baptist Conference’s commitment to addressing the issue of sexual abuse.

“The message from Guidepost Solutions saddened me because it significantly detracts from the findings of the sexual abuse report and even the recommendations of the sexual abuse task force,” he said.

“I am personally grateful for the investigative work that Guidepost provided to the SBC task force, although I was deeply disturbed by their need to celebrate LGBTQ ideology,” said task force member Michael York. , pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Ashland. “The SBC hired Guidepost primarily for investigative purposes, and we hired Guidepost primarily for training purposes. Our task force hopes that every KBC church will participate in any abuse prevention training that may be offered.

Gray said KBC still plans to deliver training in sexual abuse prevention, response and care for victims this fall – although the schedule could be adjusted depending on how quickly a new provider can be found.

“We want to do it right,” Gray said. “We ask Kentucky Baptists to pray for the Sexual Abuse Task Force as it continues its work.”

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