Hosted Church offers an “all positive” experience for Bethel Baptist in Bessemer


When Calvin Bell, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Bessemer, mentioned to a friend that his church didn’t have a website, the friend recommended he contact The Alabama Baptist.

It might not seem like the natural choice – reach out to a publication when you need a website. But TAB Media’s Hosted Church service offers a turnkey solution for churches, associations, and nonprofits interested in setting up a website.

Hosted Church offers templates to choose from, and then the team customizes colors, images, and site information to suit your preferences. They offer security scans and regular backups to protect information, as well as quick help in case of “breakage”.

They can make changes throughout the year as needed, or they can teach you how to make changes yourself.

“All positive”

“Customer service has been amazing,” Bell said. “Our experiences with the website have all been positive, especially the courtesy of the TAB staff who contact us monthly.”

He said the church site looks professional and helps the community know who Bethel Baptist is.

James Hammack, head of digital services for TAB Media, said it was the single most important reason for a church to have a website.

“In almost every context, the church website is the gateway to the church in today’s digital age,” he explained. “In many ways, not having a web presence can tell potential visitors that you don’t want them. The church website is the first step to inviting people to your church.

Bell said Hosted Church was a great solution for his congregation to open that “gateway.”

“We didn’t have the money in our budget to spend a lot on building a website, and what Hosted Church has built for us has been quality,” he said. “It’s definitely been a valuable tool for us.”

With Hosted Church, one low annual cost covers everything necessary.

To view Bethel’s website, visit For more information about Hosted Church, visit or call 205-475-4630, ext. 108.


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