Frontier Baptist Church’s First Diaper Distribution A Success | Local News


Six families showed up at Frontier Baptist Church on Friday to pick up free diapers, baby wipes and pull-ups for their infants and toddlers as part of the church’s Diaper Giveaway Day.

It was the first time Frontier Baptist Church had hosted the event, said program coordinator Heather Routh. There will be a donation day and a distribution day each month going forward.

It is difficult to estimate how many children benefited from the distribution, she said. Some of the people picking up boxes filled with sanitary materials came and went quickly, while others spent time there while their children played with Routh’s children, she said. Routh did not ask people about their personal situation or if they would be returning next month.

“All [the families] seemed really grateful that it was an option and it was encouraging,” she said.

Routh held a diaper drive on Feb. 18 at which three people showed up, she said. The combined donations of these three people and the money collected from the Frontier Baptist Church produced enough items to fill three distribution boxes.

However, 50 boxes does not necessarily meet the needs of 50 different children. Fortunately, everyone who showed up was able to get what they needed, but it was tight, she said. Size 5 nappies were the most popular item, but some people who took them may have benefited more from the pull-ups and if everyone who showed up needed a size 5, there wouldn’t be enough. for everyone, she said.

In the past, other organizations on the island have offered similar services, but these programs have ceased to operate. Routh decided to start a new program because she had heard enough people asking about where to get free diapers or other sanitary items for their children, she said in a previous interview. with the KDM. When Routh was organizing this diaper distribution, she wasn’t sure this program was necessary.

Routh will continue to lead the program through the Frontier Baptist Church, she told KDM on Monday.

The next donation day will be March 18. On March 25, people will be able to pick up diapers and other items for children in their care, Routh said. Donations and distributions will take place from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the basement of the Rectory on the property of Frontier Baptist Church.


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