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In November, I had a week’s vacation that I had to use. I’ll admit it was much appreciated even though I didn’t go anywhere or do anything big. It was a good mix of staying up late, sleeping in, and not cooking. I was even productive doing a few house projects and checking in on a few people at church who I knew needed a calling.

That’s pretty much what most of my vacation entails: lots of laziness and eating out. However, every time I take a vacation, I encounter the same problem on Saturday night. It is always strange not to plan and prepare for church. It’s really weird on a Sunday morning. On Sundays, I usually don’t go to my church so I won’t be tempted to go into minister mode. So that leaves me in a pickle (whatever that means). I don’t want to stay home, but I don’t think I should go to my church.

On top of that, I’ll be honest, I generally want to be lazy and stay home instead of going to church somewhere else. On those holiday Sunday mornings, I lie in bed trying to decide whether to get up and go to church or stay home. Then I remember how many hundreds of times I told my own church members that they should get up on Sunday morning and make church a priority…it will be good for them.

So, that Sunday morning in November, I forced myself out of bed and dressed. I went to the First Baptist Church here in town. I have to tell you that I felt better after coming out. I had loved it, seen other believers, and been mightily encouraged by the message.

At the beginning of Acts we read that the early Christians met constantly. It was important to them. In Hebrews 10:25 we read, “Let us not neglect to meet together, as some have become accustomed to, but encourage one another, and so much the more as you see the day approaching.” From what I have read and understood, these people have been encouraged to do the same thing that I encourage my church members to do. It’s the same thing I hope you will do. Find a place or a way to worship. Even if all you can physically do is turn on the television or the computer, these days preachers and the church are on view all the time. I’m glad I got up that Sunday morning in November and went to church. I think you will be too!


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