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The First Baptist Church in Lenoir City continued a tradition of summer worship for children in the area.

The 16th Annual Worship Camp was held from 8:45 am to noon July 12-16 with a special session until 1:30 pm Kindergarten to Grade 5 students learned to appreciate God through song. , dance and art.

Kym Harding, director of the camp, said the participants came from all over the community. The camp differs from the vacation Bible school because students pay to attend, which covers the cost of the camp t-shirt as well as food and crafts.

Harding said this year’s camp had 150 students enrolled.

“They come every day,” she says. “They do rotations, so they do dance, sign language. They learn a few songs that they will perform on Friday night. We do a Bible study with them, black lights, and they do art projects. … It’s all week long, so what we do is we have a theme for the week, and this year it’s called “Made New”, which means you’re in between. potter’s hands and made you perfect even if you have small cracks and knocks. He can put you back together.

Harding started the camp 16 years ago. After 10 years, she and her husband were called to Mobile, Alabama, where they started a similar camp. The two are now back in charge at Lenoir City.

Randy Powley, camp leader, said activities change every summer. This year the focus was on sign language, dance, photography and art.

“It really gives kids the opportunity to see that worship isn’t just about singing a hymn in church – that there are many ways to incorporate worship into your daily life,” said Powley. . “… There are just a lot of things that people don’t often recognize as worship, but they do. “

Crews Boals and Noah Morton, both in fifth grade, attend every year since kindergarten.

“Coming here every year is really fun and spending time with friends, but I’m learning something new every year, especially from the devotion we do every day,” said Boals. “And I like the way we have special speakers coming to tell us more about God from a different perspective. What I enjoy most about worship camp is spending time with friends and learning more about God.

Morton agreed that the camp is fun and educational.

“I love the worship camp because we can come here and do all of that, and then we can do the worship show on Friday night,” Morton said. “Each year, as it is worship, I learn something new. Like this year, I learned that I’m going to start reading my Bible more because that’s what they talked about in the devotional stuff, and just black light and dancing. It’s just cool to play.

Sawyer Grace Simmons attended kindergarten through fifth grade. A rising freshman at Lenoir City High School next month, she was a camp student leader this year.

“When I was little, my sisters and I had the best time,” Simmons said. “It was really fun. Me and my friends did it, and we were all just a big family, and we were all learning, and it was almost like some kids were not paying attention and just thinking. ‘to the fun part, but Kym definitely had a great experience of it learning and understanding how the Lord gives us what we need and how he loves us and how we are to love him, grow and worship him.

Harding said many former campers are returning as student leaders.

“It’s really cool for me, especially to come back, that these kids that we invested in as kids are now investing in the kids themselves,” said Harding. “It’s really amazing to see these teenagers doing this. Spending time out of their summer to come here spending time with the kids and teaching them the love of Christ is just amazing.

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