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The Lynn Baptist Association has a new part-time Association Mission Strategist, the Reverend Kevin Edwards.

Edwards described the association as an “assembly of like-minded Southern Baptist churches.” The association has 20 churches located in central Kentucky, in Hardin, LaRue, Hart and Green counties.

“I have been actively involved with this association for 20 years as pastor of one of its member churches,” said Edwards. “Therefore, I know every church very well and I am very excited by the world for Christ. “

He said his call to the ministry came 30 years ago while serving in the United States Air Force.

“This call led first to the ministry of young people, then to a pastoral role,” he said.

In 1980 he became pastor of Aetna Grove Baptist Church in Summersville and retired from the Air Force in 1981. He has remained with that church since then. He served as pastor under former mission strategists Lonnie Sheets and Gordon McDowell.

“Now I feel the call of God to continue in their footsteps by leading this great organization for the cause of Christ,” he said.

Her main focus in the role is to promote doing more together than individually.

“By pooling our resources, we can be a powerful force for the cause of Christ, in our community, our state, our nation and our world,” he said.

He said the association churches are diverse.

“This diversity has enabled us, as an association, to impact our communities in a way that no church could accomplish,” he said. “We provide assistance to members of our communities in a variety of ways, such as food, bills and clothing. “

Recently, he said, they got together and spent seven hours on a Saturday clearing the rows of fences, chopping down trees and shrubs, which got an elderly couple out of their driveway. safely.

All the churches in the association, he said, are involved in state, national and global missionary efforts. The Missionary Union of Women is also involved in local missions.

“We are always looking for ways to meet the real needs of our communities, because meeting those needs opens the door to the Gospel,” he said.

He said he was touched by the confidence that the members of the association have in him.

“I look forward to continuing the legacy of our association as a beacon of hope in our communities and the world,” he said.

To learn more about the Lynn Association, find their page on Facebook or call 270-299-6095.

You can reach Becca Owsley at 270-505-1416 [email protected]

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