DHD: current theological beliefs; Spurgeon; Little church pastors; Mohler; Demonic possession; Frank Lloyd Wright House Tour



I have a hodgepodge of topics to cover in this week’s DHD. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Carter comments on current theological beliefs

I have already shared how helpful Joe Carter’s articles can be on a topical issue. This week, Lifeway Research in conjunction with Ligonier Ministries released a survey that revealed current evangelical Christian theological beliefs. Carter gives a excellent ventilation on the survey, which might be somewhat surprising but also not surprising with the decline of Christianity.

What makes Carter’s article even better is that it offers the right answer to the questions posed in the survey. His answers are very helpful and Bible-based. Check out the article and please pray for our country as there has never been a more desperately needed revival time than now.

  1. A Spurgeon Excursion

I love the studies and stories of Charles Spurgeon, the great pastor of the 19e century, and I hope to one day visit his museum at Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City, Mo.

That’s why I enjoyed Stephen Story’s review of “Sturgeon the Pastor” by Geoffrey Chang.

If you’re unfamiliar with Spurgeon, or if you’re like me and enjoy reading about the great pastor, check out the article. Here’s a great takeaway:

“Spurgeon never tired of the simpler strategies, because he believed they were biblically justified: corporate prayer, congregational singing, and reading and preaching the Word of God. He was convinced that people’s primary need is to hear the gospel and that preaching is the primary means by which this happens.

  1. Myths About Small Church Pastors

I also enjoyed reading a great article on the Lifeway Research website. This is important reading, especially for Baptists in Oklahoma. The reason: The majority of our state convention is made up of small churches.

Check out Matt Henslee’s article here.

  1. mohler moments

Al Mohler had some great episodes over the week on his The Briefing podcast. There are too many to list them completely, but the best ones, dating back to the end of last week, would be:

  • Thursday September 15: Great response to MSNBC anchor who said it’s heresy to be against abortion.
  • Tuesday, September 20: Mohler’s fascination with British history and culture is evidenced by his excellent commentary on Queen Elizabeth and her passing.
  • Thursday September 22: Great perspective on muddled pandemic communication, especially after President Biden declared the pandemic over.
  1. On demonic possession

Have you ever been asked – or wondered – if demonic possession still exists? Chuck Lawless touched on this topic, and it’s a good read.

First of all, the answer is yes, it still exists. Lawless breaks it down nicely. View the article here.

  1. Fascinating tour of the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

A Facebook friend shared this social media tour of a Wisconsin home built in the 1950s and designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

If you like historical architecture, you should check it out here. It almost feels like a museum looking at the photos. Whoever buys the house, and it currently says “pending sale”, I hope they retain some of the historic look. However, that could be a challenge.

If you’ve ever seen the Hitchcock movie “North by Northwest”, this house reminds me of the South Dakota scene where Cary Grant’s character tries to save Eva Marie Saint’s character before the robbery.


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