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IRVINGTON, Alabama (WKRG) — There are churches to suit all kinds of people, from traditional to contemporary. This morning we are joined by Calep Lewis to talk about the Cowboy Baptist Church in Irvington.

Guest: Well, Cowboy Baptist Church is a group of people that started meeting in 2013 at my house and it’s just a group of people who love the Lord. We meet on Sundays and Wednesdays we are “come as you are”. We don’t try to change people, we just preach the gospel and let it make the change.

Anchor: For whom?

Guest: This is for everyone. We have people who come in suits and ties, and people who come in cowboy hats and boots, so it’s for everyone and everyone feels welcome here at Cowboy Baptist Church.

Anchor: How would you say the Cowboy Baptist Church somehow connects Western heritage to much older Christian traditions?

Guest: Yeah, well, we’re not so much a cowboy church, maybe that’s what people think of as a cowboy church with western wear and things like that. We kind of went that route because it’s a style of church that makes people ask questions like what is cowboy church? We have more classic country, you know, like classic country decor, but our cult music and styles like that lean more towards country gospel, southern gospel, things like that.

How does the Cowboy Baptist Church blend into the Christian tradition?

Guest: Well, Christianity is for everyone. I mean it’s not just for the West or our people in other parts of the country. It really is for everyone. We’re very down to earth people, you know, sort of. You know, I wouldn’t really say western people, but we’re country people. And I believe the gospel reaches far and wide is for anyone who has the heart to receive it. So we are reaching out to everyone. Like I said, we have cowboy boots and we have suits and ties, so it’s a really good mix of people. And I believe when we get to heaven, we’ll see.

Anchor: What do you hope someone can get out of a cowboy church that they might not find in another type of church?

Guest: Okay, great question. Well, we’re a very laid back church, you know, a very laid back church. We want people to feel welcome. Very comfortable here, what I found in my years as a pastor is that and not hitting the churches. I’m not here to do that, never would do that, but people almost have to break into a church here when they get in. Cowboy Baptist Church, we want our people to put their arms around them. They kiss them. They welcome them as they are, and I think that’s the difference. It’s a group of about 35 people to 300 people in about 3 and a half years. So the Lord really uses that, but we love people where they are, and I think that’s the difference. You don’t have to clean yourself up, we want you as you are.


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