Christian community reflects on cult singer Dante Bowe’s breakup with Maverick City Music


Dante Bowe, a five-time GRAMMY-nominated and platinum-selling songwriter and recording artist, is taking a break from Maverick City Music, a cult music collective Bowe co-founded.

Bowe, of Rockingham, North Carolina, now based in Nashville, Tennessee, is on hiatus from his relationship with the hit music group due to “inconsistent” behavior, the group noted in a public Instagram post where they wrote in late September that Bowe’s behavior has failed to live up to the band’s standards.

“Due to behavior inconsistent with our core values ​​and beliefs, we have decided to put a pause on our professional relationship with Dante Bowe,” the band said in the statement. “Decisions like these are not easy due to the level of nuance, both professionally and personally, but we felt it was necessary to address this. Maverick City Music is a collective of diverse artists come from many different backgrounds and life experiences; as such, no artist’s actions or behavior can always be attributed as a reflection of our core beliefs and values.

CBN News reported that the band did not mention exactly what Bowe’s behavior caused them to initiate the hiatus.

Some believe that Bowe’s colorful social media history may be one of the reasons he received comments for posting a personal Instagram video of him partying on a bus while rapping the very explicit lyrics of “Despues De La Playa”, a track by Latin rap artist Bad Bunny.

Black America Web reported that in his statement posted on his IG (before making the account private), he was taking a break from social media.

“In light of recent events and opinions, I have spoken to some [the] the wisest rulers and brethren around me,” he wrote. “I will take time off social media to rest mentally and physically. Years ago, when I dreamed of everything I would one day accomplish, I ignored the pressure and opinions that would come with it. It is important for everyone to know when to take a step back and refocus.

Maverick City Music plans to continue supporting Bowe in his personal life, as noted in his Instagram post.

“Dante is a brother in Christ and as such he has our full commitment and unwavering support as he continues to walk his path. Each of us needs God’s grace, and our hope is that we all pray and give him the same opportunity to grow in Christ that we give ourselves.

Bowe reportedly posted an apology on his page, which has since been taken down according to CBN.

“I sincerely apologize for the impact of my behavior and that it has offended many people on the platform we share together. This experience has been a true reminder of the importance of being incredibly intentional in how I use and engage with the tools provided by social platforms,” ​​Bowe continued. “Throughout this process, I received sage advice that influenced my decision to step back and reflect on my actions so that I can commit to living the purpose God has for my life.”

Was the professional hiatus the right decision or is there redemption in the name of the Lord?

Some fans are asking for more patience and want Maverick City to “extend grace” after Bowe’s alleged behavior was frowned upon, according to

When church culture and the larger cancel culture collide, what happens? The Reverend Kevin L. Harris, senior pastor of the Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, told the Michigan Chronicle that the effects of his artistry are scrutinized by some and viewed with empathy, which he is of the latter. .

Harris, who listens to Bowe from afar (and is a bit more “old school” gospel) said he was all-out when it came to keeping his pulse on up-and-coming artists and those who were “doing great things.” .

He said the Maverick City Music move was a bit of an “overreaction” from his perspective.

“They didn’t go into a lot of detail about what he did except for a social media indiscretion – I guess you could call it that,” he said.

Harris said Maverick City Music might know more information internally about what’s going on and it might have conflicted with their standards.

He added that achieving Bowe’s level of success “doesn’t happen every day” and that there are different perspectives to look at.

“You have the church, the church people and you have this Christian music group – I think those are all separate issues in a separate way,” Harris said, adding that while they are linked by the religion community there. are a “million different points of view”.

“But at the end of the day, you’re going to stick with the values,” he said, whatever those are.

As for Bowe, Harris would tell him to keep going.

“Unless it’s something more than what’s been revealed, it doesn’t even seem that bad compared to the mistakes people make in the church,” Bowe said.


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