Cameroon: Christmas Party – Meditate, Giving, Worshiping …


On Christmas Day, Christians at the Etoug-ebe Baptist Church in Yaoundé learned that it was not just a time of celebration.

Christians around the world gathered on December 25, 2021 in various religious services of different denominations to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ by singing and dancing. At the Etoug-ebe Baptist Church in Yaoundé, activities to honor the day were marked with a special religious service in which Christians were informed that it was not just a time to buy new clothes, prepare special meals or visit friends.

At 10:00 am on Christmas Day, Christians at Etoug-ebe Baptist Church beautifully dressed in the colors of the season began the special service with Christmas melodies announcing the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind. The officiating pastor Reverend Hilarious Tanjong while reading the book of Matthew 2:11 and Luke 2: 16-20 titled his message: “What can we do on Christmas.” He said Christmas is not just for partying. “We need to make good use of Christmas to make it meaningful to us and to others,” he told the church.

Christmas, said the preacher, is generally considered to be the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. However, he told Christians there are many lessons they can learn from what they can do on Christmas. At Christmas, Christians were called to give. According to Rev. Tanjong, the best gift anyone can give Jesus at Christmas is his life (Romans 12: 1-2). He urged the congregation to use the Christmas time to dedicate and re-dedicate themselves to Jesus Christ. “If you have never had a relationship with Him, Christmas is the time for you to turn to Him in repentance. If you have had a relationship with Him and for some reason you are living in disobedience, it is time to turn to Him in repentance. for you to return to Him After that you can think of others and offer them material gifts, ”explained the preacher.

He noted that when the wise men of the East and the shepherds saw Jesus, they worshiped him and they also went to glorify and praise him. As such, Christians have been told to view Christmas as a time to worship and praise Jesus. Just as the shepherds spread the news of Jesus’ birth to others, Christians were urged to use the Christmas time to talk to their friends at school, at work, at the market, and with those in the neighborhood. of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. .

Just as Mary, the mother of Jesus, cherished and meditated on all Christmas events in her heart, Christians at Etoug-ebe Baptist Church were urged to use Christmas time to learn more about Jesus- Christ and meditate on His birth in their hearts. “It will bring us closer to Jesus in our relationship,” Reverend Tanjong concluded. The church service was complemented by special Christmas carols and displays on the birth of Jesus Christ.

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