Annual Fall Festival returns to local church


JACKSON, Tenn.–Fall festivals are a time for families to gather and enjoy rides, community and great food.

A church has opened its doors to host an event with this as its focus.

“Doing an event like this gives us the opportunity to reach people, and quite possibly, and some who may not be attending the doors on a Sunday morning. But through an event like this, we have a chance to connect with them,” said Richard Bragg, pastor of Poplar Heights Baptist Church.

Pastor Bragg shares some of the fun attractions kids and families have been able to interact with.

“We have, as you can see behind me, the big jumpers. Kids love them. The slide. So it will definitely be a big attraction this year,” continues Bragg. “We have a cart ride outside. There’s also a car accident, the local fire department, some of these men got together and pulled out a car for us to fight and have a good time.

One of the passions behind these annual events is to have a safe place where children can grow and play freely.

“It helps open the church up to these kids and helps lay the foundation for understanding what the church is, and as we continue to interact with them, teach them, set their own standards and help them understand what it means to be a leader,” Bragg said.

The event was well attended and the partner churches hoped to provide these families with a fun escape.

“Families who are in the neighborhood here and across the city, a safe place to come and have fun and have fun as a family, regardless of the hardships of the world,” said Randy Nicholas, executive director of Child Evangelism Fellowship .

The Fall Fest is an annual event. But another upcoming event is a fundraising concert held at the West Jackson Baptist Church on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. It will star Guy Penrod.

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