A Ray of Hope: Michigan Street Baptist Church and Nash House Museum


When the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission (MSAAHCC) presented its new Strategic Action Plan and Economic Development Strategy to the public last February, it was an exciting day to say the least. To say that the future of the corridor was finally looking so bright, with so many incredible urban elements that highlighted the historic character of the district and its buildings…

As the whole project is important, so are the individual segments, which contribute to the big picture. This is why continued community support for the restoration/preservation of Michigan Street Baptist Church and the Nash House Museum is vitally important.

On Thursday, September 29 at 5:30 p.m., the Buffalo Niagara Freedom Station Coalition — owners of the Michigan Street Baptist Church and the Reverend J. Edward Nash House Museum — will host an A Beacon of Hope fundraiser.

The event will include music, food, drinks, construction tours of the Church and visits to the Nash House.

Together with the Michigan Street Preservation Corporation, the hope is to raise awareness in the community about the vitality of the corridor, the legacy of the structures, and the chance for Michigan Avenue to once again become the center of the black community.

Attendees of the community celebration will have the chance to hear stories told by Emmaline Coy, one of the oldest members of the Michigan Street Baptist Church. At the Nash House, guests will also be regaled with stories about the house, the street and the neighborhood.

The two historic buildings have been beacons of hope for Buffalo’s African-American community for generations:

  • The Michigan Street Baptist Church (511 Michigan Avenue) was a haven for freedom seekers, a place of religious worship, and the heart of the African-American community for more than 170 years.
  • Nash House Museum (36 Nash Street) is a historic monument that preserves the family life of Reverend Nash, the longest-serving pastor of the Michigan Street Baptist Church.

Be sure to mark your calendars, to ensure you are able to participate in a momentous occasion – one that will not only spark the imagination of the community, but also help pave the way for projects that will change forever. the face of the neighborhood.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.michiganstreetbuffalo.org/beacon-of-hope.


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