These are the 3 most expensive and most common repairs in cars

It is normal that during the life of the car, you have to take it to the mechanic sometimes to check for certain damages, but the cost varies considerably if the ones that were damaged were some key pieces.

In every car there are some parts more vulnerable than others, so taking care of them will be vital not only to protect your life, but also your finances, because in many cases these damages cause the vehicle to remain interned or stop being used, as the driver cannot assume the repairs.

In this sense, these are the most expensive parts it will cost to repair:

The engine

The engine

It’s what drivers fear most. Failures such as the breakage of the distribution belt or the breakage of rings, end up causing major damage, which has further increases the cost of repair. The bodywork: It is what is most damaged in case of some “scratch” and ironing or painting should be done, which can be more expensive than you think.The injectors: They are the ones in charge of feeding the engine, but for the use they are usually clogged or also deteriorated by the dirt.

The catalyst

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Although its life is around 120 thousand kilometers, it is sometimes compromised early. This piece is in the exhaust pipe and a sign that it starts to fail is the lack of power.

Although these repairs may be very expensive, one way of dealing with it is through your All Risk vehicle insurance. This coverage also covers damages caused to the car in different circumstances and it will only be necessary to cancel the amount corresponding to the deductible, which most of the time ends up being much cheaper than paying the full bill.

If you are looking for such coverage, take into account that each insurer proposes different conditions, so before choosing it is advisable to compare the options. For this, Rhancid offers the online vehicle insurance comparator.