Do you have Automobile Insurance but do not have a Life Insurance?

To have or not to have a Life Insurance? When is there a need to assess whether or not we need Life Insurance ? Taking a Life Insurance is a cultural issue in my opinion, I have noticed that no one likes to think or talk about life insurance in particular, which is an unfortunate attitude, this may be one of the most rejected financial products, however, one of the more important.

Most people end up forgetting that we are human beings and we were not meant to live forever, at least until Eve ate such an apple. It is obvious that everyone has this intention, to live many, many years, but who knows of our destiny, only God. It would be ideal if we knew the exact day we would leave the world of the living, but this is not possible, in this way we could protect our loved ones.

Incredibly, banks and insurers offer insurance of all kinds: credit card insurance, mobile phone insurance, extended warranty insurance, loan insurance, loan insurance, lender insurance, auto insurance, unemployment insurance from the Ministry of Finance work, health insurance, in short, at least 50% of these insurance you own in the evenings. But what about Life Insurance?

Here are some situations in which you should consider making a Life Insurance.

Safe when getting married

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Singles and Bridegrooms is one thing, when we become married, ladies and gentlemen so-and-so, the setting changes. Singles do not have dependents, in which case Life Insurance is not so necessary, unless it is a “family support”. But by failing to be single and making a marriage official, making a Life Insurance for the wife or vise versa is a plausible attitude, particularly if the husband is the maintainer of the house. Make a Life Insurance of sufficient value to allow your spouse to be able to pay any outstanding debt when you leave and stay for a few years.

The dream of the Brazilian is to have his own property, to buy this well in sight is still far from the reach of the majority of citizens, the most common is to finance in 10, 20, 30 and 35 years, it is a long time to be unprotected, that by signing the term of purchase and contract of real estate financing, you have acquired a property and together a negative balance in debt. Fortunately most of the financing is required to make a Real Estate Insurance at the time of signing the contract, the insurance covers death and disability, so the spouse or family will be quiet, will not lose the property.

Safe to have children

Safe to have children

When we have children everything changes as well, besides worrying about the spouse we have to protect the offspring, besides the creation, they still have the education that needs financial resources to lose sight of. Promoting our children with a good education and training becomes necessary, making a small private pension as soon as they are born, can help, and having a Life Insurance that will provide this stage of their lives is very important.

Emergency insurance

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Good Life Insurance is not expensive, there are dozens of great insurers. In making this article, I realized that I had Life Insurance included in two cards that I use most, a life insurance linked to my bank account, my health insurance is accompanied by Life Insurance, I can not use unemployment insurance since I am Freela, to fill this deficit I have an Emergency Insurance.

“Contrary to what many people think, having Life Insurance is not throwing money away”